Welcome to SSS!

Assalaamu alaykum Sunday Seerah Sit Downs fam, and welcome to our blog!

We’re so excited that you have decided to embark on this journey of studying the seerah with us. We strongly believe that learning about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is a major key  to success in the daarayn (both the worlds- dunya and akhirah).

We will have two posts a week: one with an outline of the week’s lesson and one for a weekly recipe. Check out our menu (on the right side). Under Categories, we’ve separated out our Posts and Recipes for easy access. Under Week By Week, you’ll find all of our posts, with the newest ones at the top

Learn more about the project, or feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments, or suggestions!

Below is a sample post.

Main Points

This section will highlight topics that should be covered and discussed each week.

Discussion Questions

We will include questions that can be used to prompt the group as means of discussion.

Reflection Points

When particular points need to be stressed or require additional discussion, they will be listed separately in this section. Reflection points are the means through which the seerah moves beyond a story and becomes a means of positively affecting change in our lives. 


At the end of each halaqah, we would briefly recap some of the lessons from that day. Usually, these lessons would be pointed out as we went through our discussion, and they would simply be reiterated in a list format.

Action item

One of the major goals of SSS was to make the seerah relevant. That is, we wanted to take the lessons learned each week and directly apply them to our daily lives. To that end, every week, at least one action item was “assigned” to the group. The action items were normally pretty small, simple things. Sometimes, the next week, we would discuss everyone’s experiences with the action item, but there was no real accountability system. The action item would also be sent out on our SSS Whatsapp group to remind everyone to complete it.


We drew from several sources to put together each week’s halaqah. Specific resources for each particular lesson will be included in this section. For a general list of seerah resources, check out our Resource Page.


You may be wondering why half of our blog posts are going to be about food. In all honesty, SSS was just as much about the social aspect (including food) as it was about knowledge. In fact, most people initially came to SSS because it was a free breakfast, and they felt obliged to show up because they knew us.  It is well established that food is a means of bringing people together. When the Prophet ﷺ first presented the message of Islam to his family, he invited them to a meal. Make the intention of following the sunnah, and learn about the seerah over breakfast. Let people come for the food – and stay for the seerah.