Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age group was SSS targeted at?

High school and older

2. Why do we post recipes?

Because food is a great way to bring people together. Using food as a means of presenting information to people is actually from the sunnah #seerahmatters

3. What resources did you use to prepare for the halaqahs?

Check out a full list on our Resource Page [add hyperlink]

4. Do you have SSS notes I can use for my halaqah/class?

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of our complete seerah notes, please email us at

5. Where did you get the idea for SSS?

Like most good ideas, Sunday Seerah Sit Downs was born from a late night Ramadan text conversation between two best friends.

SSS Whatsapp Convo

This conversation took place on July 25, 2013. Less than a month and a half later, we held our first official Sunday Seerah Sit Down, and the rest is history.

We were fortunate to attend a college with an active MSA. We were used to attending bi-weekly halaqahs on campus, seeing our Muslim friends everyday, and having an overall environment of ilm in our lives. After graduating, we needed both a forum to seek knowledge of the deen and to socialize with fellow muslimahs. Sunday Seerah Sit Downs was the idea born from these needs.

What started as a simple get together between two best friends quickly grew to become something much larger than both of us. We found companionship not only in our halaqah-mates, but also in the stories of the lives of the greatest generation to walk the face of this earth. In times of difficulty, we found comfort in the story of our beloved Prophet and his sahaba (radiAllahu anhum, and in times of happiness, the seerah reminded us to always turn back to Allah and live a life of humility and gratitude. We began SSS with eager minds and left with full hearts.

6. Why did you choose seerah as your halaqah topic?

Plain and simple, seerah is one our favorite subjects in the Islamic sciences. We wanted to stick to one topic instead of having a different halaqah topic every week for the sake of consistency. But beyond that, very few people study the life of the Prophet chronologically from beginning to end. Seerah is also a “light” topic, so we thought it would be interesting enough to keep people coming back. Some topics, such as fiqh, can get a bit dry. Ultimately, though, seerah is a study of love, the foundation for all other topics of study.

7. How did you take your idea and put it into action?

Our approach was pretty simple. We emailed all of our friends who we thought might be interested in SSS. A week or so later, we sent our same friends an Evite, and  a few days before the event, we had Evite send out a reminder to everyone.